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Nagra with HD line set up with SME Turntable and YG Speakers and on SME and Thales + EMT Stands
Marten new Speakers Mingus Orchestra, Oscar Trio and Oscar Duo with Solidtech
Dan D'Agostino with new Progression Integrated Amp.
Franko Serblin with new new Accordo Essence speakers
Franko Serblin with new new Accordo Essence speakers HD Video
Weiss with PSB speakers and Fidata network transport
Stax Earspeakers
Krell with new K-300i Integrated Amp and XD line
Esoteric with Fidata network transport
Pass Labs amplification with Martin Logan speakers and new INT-25 Integrated Amp.
Playback Designs with new SP-8 Stereo Power Amp on Dream series DAC and Stenheim Speakers
Living Voice Vox Palladian & Basso and new R25A and OBX-RW3 speakers with Kondo electronics
Kondo AudioNote Japan with Kawero speakers
dCS with new Bartok DAC with Dan D'Agostino amplification and Wilson Speakers
Devore Fidelity new Orangutan Reference speakers
Primare Prisma range
Vienna Acoustics with new speakers Haydn Jubilee, Baby Beethoven and Beethoven
SME and Garrard turntables and tone arms with Nagra amplification
Vitus with new SIA-30 Integrated Amplifier
Verity Audio with Lohengrin IIS, Sarastro IIS and Lakme' speakers and amplification and in Engström room
Falcon Acoustic with new V Series HP-80, Reference, LS#/5A and RAM speakers with Primare
Jorma Cable with new Power Distribution Unit and Phono & Ethernet cables
FiData Network Player and on Weiss and Esoteric stands
Thales turntable and tone arms with EMT MC Cartridges and Nagra amplification with YG speakers
Finite Elemente Racks with CERA Products
HANA MC Cartridges with SORANE Tone Arm
WBT connectors and terminals



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