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Dan D'Agostino - World Premiere - Relentless Mono Power Amplifiers with Sonus Faber speakers and DCS with Wilson speakers
Marten celebrateing 20 years with Yorma cables and Vitus electronics
Franko Serblin and Yter cables
Vovox cables with Soulution electronics and Magico speakers
Krell with new 300i Integrated Amplifier
SME turntables and tone arms in Siltech and Transrotor rooms with rebuild Garrard
Consteallation Audio
Living Voice with Kondo and Engström amplification
Esoteric with Fi Data, and Bower & Wilkinson and Amadis speakers and TEAC
Kondo AudioNote Japan and Kawero!
Weiss with Fi Data and PSI speakers
Vienna Acoustics with prototypes of new generation speakers
Primare to realise new Prisma and classic line including series 15 - 25 and 35
Stax celebrateing 80 years
Kimber Kables with new Carbon Speaker and Interconnect cables
Fi Data streamers and in rooms with Esoteric and Weiss
Magnepan speakers
Sugden with Falcon speakers
Falcon speakers with Sugden electronics
Istoek with Blue Horizonts
Playback Design with Nagra Amplification and YG Speakers
Verity Audio Speakers
ReQuest with the Beast and Raptor Streamers and DAC
EMT Cartridges and phono stage with Nagra amplification and YG Speakers
Finite Elemente with renewed line of Ceraball, Cerapuc and Cerabase
Astell & Kern




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