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Uskoro vise / more to come soon

Nagra HD System with new Reference Turntable
Marten and Jorma with Marten Parker Trio Diamond in WBT room
Dan D'Agostino amlification and Agostino Prgression Integrated in Nordost room
Marten Mingus Orchestra speakers with Engstroam amplification and Jorma cables
Esoteric and TEAC
Franko Serblin with Yiter cables
Weiss and at IPS stand
DeVore Fidelity speakers with Thales turntable and EMT MC Cartridge
EAR Yoshino
SME 60 turntable with Wadax DAC
YG Acoustics Speakers with Artnovion acoustic treatment
Stax earspeakers
Kuzma turntables
Bladelius with AB Tech cables
Living Voice with Kuzma
WBT Termination with Marten Parker Trio Diamond speakers and Jorma cables
TAD Speakers and Amplification
Stenheim Speakers with Dartzeel amplification
Verity Audio





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