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CES 2010 & The Show

Las Vegas
07-10 January 2010
Show Report

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Krell system - Mirage Hotel
Modular Duo speakers EVO-402E
Pow Amp. EVO-202 Pre Amp
EVO-525A CD Player

Krell system - Mirage Hotel view from the back

EVO-402E New Pow.Amp
E - Ecology stand by consump.2W
E - Enhance Audio performance
+ 42% more power bank

EVO-525 T Transport
EVO-525 A Hi Performan.CD/SACD
EVO-525 V Video player
EVO-525 AV Audio Video player

EVO-555 New Hi Performance
Audio and Blue Ray player

S-1200 and Evo-707 Pre Amp and

Krell and Sim2 HD Video Projector
set up

S-300i Int. Amp. and new player
S-350A and S-350AV

S-275 and S-150
Power Amplifier

EVO-707 Pre Amp at Panasonic 3D
Projector room at Flamingo
Sim2 HD Video Projector at Krell
set up
Modular Duo


Magico Q5
Q5 Side view Q5 Front view Q5 Inside Q5 crossover
Q5 in Venetian room Q5 Inside with speakers Q5 Terminals Video 3.8 Mb. wmv


Soulution Audio + Magico M5
Soulution 700 Mono Power Amp's
with Magico M5

Soulution 700
Mono Power Amp's

Side View
of system

5.95 MB wmv


YG Acoustics

YG Acoustics at Titan - Venetian

Side view Anat Studio Pro.- Kipod-Carmelo Video 2.98 MB wmv
YG at Synergistic room YG at VAC room
YG Anat Studio Ref.II with Teac
electronics, Synergistic
and ART room treatment

YG Anat Studio Ref.II at
Synergistic room

YG Kipod with VAC electronics
and Wadia player

YG Kipod at VAC room


Nagra set up at first room at Mirage Nagra MSA-CDP-PLL-VPS with Basis Turntable & Verity speakers Nagra MSA amplifier in bridge mode Nagra 300i Integrated 300B triode amplifier
Nagra set up at second room at Miragge with Verity Audio speakers Nagra CDC Player with 300i Amplifier Nagra 300i Integrated Amp and 300P Power Amp Nagra BPS Phono stage with triming kit in a box
Nagra VI and LB
Digital recorders
Nagra VPA
in a Box
Nagra PL-P at DeVore Fidelity room at Venetian with Naim

Nagra Hi Quality video
wmv 10.5 Mb.


Vienna Acoustics
Vienna Acoustics Klimt Music Vienna Acoustics Kiss Vienna Acoustics Concert Series Vienna Acoustics video 10 MB wmv


Zanden set up at Venetian with
Wilson Sasha speakers - Grand
Prix stand and Monaco turntable

Mr. Kazutoshi Yamada
President and main constructor

Zanden 2000 Transport-5000 DAC
- 1200 Pre.Amp
- 1200 Phono Amp.
Zanden 9600
Power Amplifier
Zanden 2000 Transport Side view Side view Video Hi Quality 10.8 Mb wmv
Zanden at BAlabo Zanden at Karan
Zanden 2000 Transport with BAlabo

Side view with BAlabo electronics

Zanden 2500S at Karan room

Side view of Karan electronics with
Zanden 2500S and Avalon


Wilson Audio
Wilson with Zanden Wilson with Lamm 1st room   Wilson with Lamm 2nd room
Wilson Sasha
Zanden electronics
Wilson Maxx 3 with Lamm
electronics, Kubala Sosna cables
and Critical Mass stands
Wilson Audio Maxx 3 speaker
Lamm room
Wilson Sasha
Lamm electronics
Wilson with Continium and Audio Research   Wilson with Rogue Audio Wilson with BAT
Wilson Sasha with Continium turntable and Audio Research

Wilson Audio

Wilson Sophia 2 with Rogue Audio electronics Wilson Sasha with BAT electronics


Bladelius set up with Marten
Heritage Gretz speakers
Bladelius Embla
- ASK - Ymer
Bladelius Ask new Power amplifier
Bladelius Embla
Silent Drive Player
Front view Bladelius Ymer Power Amplifier Front view Video Hi Quality 7.8 MB wmv
Bladelius at Lars room
Bladelius Embla with Lars Ttube
and Marten speakers

Lars Hi End Tube Amplifiers

Side view

Top View


Kimber Cable, Wattgate and Isomike
Kimber Select interconnect cables Kimber Select speaker cables Kimber Interconect & video cables Kimber Monocle & XL cables
Wattgate new shuko power conn. Wattgate power connectors Kimber Sel. 3038 at Isomike room Kimber Isomike room


Finite Elemente and Lehmann
Finite Elemente Pagode Emperor stand and Lehmann Black Cube Finite Elemente Pagode Edition stand with Lehmann electronics Finite Elemente Pagode Edition and Master Reference stands Finite Elemente Pagode Edition stand with CeraBall Universal
Finite Elemente at Lindemann Finite Elemente at Veloce Finite Elemente at DCS Finite Elemente at VPS
Finite Elemente Pagode Master Reference stand with Lindemann Finite Elemente Spider stand with Veloce electronics Finite Elemente Pagode Master Reference stand with DCS Finite Elemente Pagode Master Reference stand with VTL


Karan Acoustics
Karan KA M-1200 Mono Pow. Amp with Avalon Time speakers on Finite Elemente Pagode MR stand Karan KA L Mk2 Pre Amp with Zanden 2500S Player on Finite Elemente Pagode MR stand Close front view of KA L Mk2, 2500S and Pagode Master Reference Second set up with KA S 450 Mono Power Amplifiers and Avalon speakers
Close front view of second set up on Finite Elemente Pagode Master Reference stand Karan Acoustics KA M-1200 Fully Balanced Mono Power Amplifier 1200 W at 8 Ohm.

Side view of second set up with KA M-1200 on wall side and DaaD acoustic treatments

2.9 MB


Quad set up at Venetian 2905 speakers with Classic II int.amp. Quad Performance new line of cables Quad new Elite range of electronics int.amp. - tuner and CD player Top view of Quad set up at Venetian
Performance QL-900 Loadspeaker cables Quad new Classic II Integrated Amplifier Performance QI-900 Interconnect cables Video
6.8 Mb wmv


SME and Sumiko REL SIM2 WBT
SME 30/12A turntable with Sumiko Palo Santos MC REL new G2 active subwoofer which replace B Line SIM2 Grand Cinema Mico 2 HD Video Beam WBT range of connectors and pole terminals


set up
at Venetian
Burmester 089 CD Player - 088 Pre.Amp -948 Power Conditioner - 911 Mk III Pow.Amp. Burmester B-30
in Macassar finish
Set up
front view
at Venetian


Musical Fidelity at Mirage
Integrated Amplifier
Rear View of
M3 Integrated Amplifier
M6 CD Player and DAC
with M6I Integrated Amplifier
AMS 35i Pure Class A Dual Mono Integrated Amplifier 2x35W
M6 Pre
and M6 Power Amplifier

Rear view of M6 Pre
and M6 Power Amplifier

AMS CD Player and DAC - AMS-50
and Primo Pre Amp.
Rear view of
Primo Pre Amp.
AMS 50 Power Amp. Remote controls Rear view of AMS 50 Power Amp. Titan Ultimate Power Amp


Magnepan at SHOW - Flamengo
New Magnepan 1.7 speaker Set up at Magnepan room Side view Magnepan 1.7 Side view Magnepan 1.7


Exibitors at Venetion
Audio Research New Integrated Amplifier in Class D Setup with new DS-450Class D Pow.Amp.and Sonus Faber Eclipsa Avangarde New Duo speakers with electronics Avalon room with new Time speakers and Rowland electronics
Acapella High Violoncelo II speakers and Einstain electronics Acoustic Plan electronics with Leben Integrated Amplifier Ayre electronics set up with Vandersteen Model 7 speakers Boulder electronics set up with JM Labs Maestro Utopia speakers
Set up at Electrocompaniet room Hansen speakers with tenor Expousure with Spendor Revel speaker


Las Vegas

Hotel Paris
Front view

Hotel MGM Grand
Front view

Hotel Mirage
Front view

Fountain in front of Hotel Belagio
Video 12 Mb Hi Quality wmv

Hotel Cezar Palas
Front view

City Plaza
Front view

Inside Casino
Top view

Fountain in front of Hotel Belagio
Video 24.7 Mb Hi Quality wmv

Uskoro više / More to follow soon






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