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Soulution Audio electronics with Magico S7 speakers, Vovox cables and critical Mass rack
Magico suite and in Jeff Rowland, Synergetic Research and BCS Audio rooms
Dan D'Agostino with StormTank and in EgglestoneWorks and ZenSati APs rooms
YG suite and in Boulder and MSB rooms
Constellation Audio
Focal suite and in Micromega, VAC and Qestyle rooms
Nagra Audio
Kondo Audio Note Japan with Kawero speakers
Zanden electronics and cables with Verity Audio Sarastro IIS Speakers and GT Audio Monaco turntable and rack
Esoteric with Cabasse speakers
Vienna Acoustics Klimt Music with EMM Labs - Meitner Audio and Kimber Select Cables
Primare with Isotek and EAT
Kimber and WattGate with AXIOS headphone cable in Sony room
Finite Elemente with Lansche speakers, Ypsilon electronics, Tales turntable with Ikeda cartridge


All credits to Chih-Jung Chen and Jack Liu


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