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Agostino Relentless
HiFi News March 2020
" The Ultimate Journey "


YG Acoustics Vantage
HiFi+ May 2020
" Vive la Vantage "

Primare R35
HiFi News May 2020
" Price booster "


SME Model 6
New Turntable
" SME Newsletter "



Esoteric 2020
Two Revolutions


Franko Serblin
Essence Speaker

Pass Labs XP-17
Positive Feedback No.96
" Quietly Musical "


Kimber Naked
New Reference Interconnect



Marten Parker Quintet
New Speakers
Image set


Primare A-35.2
Stereophile May 2020
" and sounded ooh la la! "

Esoteric N-01XD
Network Player /DAC
Image set


Finite Elemente Pagode
HiFi+ No.185
" a very tough challenger to beat"



Shindo Labs
Occasional - Winter 2017/2018
" Fantastic Yourney "


Weiss DAC 502
Stereophile July 2020
"what a great audio component"

DeVore Fidelity
Brooklyn January 2016
" As good sd thry Look "


WBT Nextgen™
Revolution in connectors
" Less is not always less "



Nagra August 2020
New Classic Phono Stage


Sugden Anniversary 50
HiFi Records February 2019
"ein klasse Geburtstagsges henk"

Falcon LS3/5A
Stereonet April 2020
" finest version of iconic design "


HANA Unami Red
New MC Phono Cartridge



Pass Labs UNT-250
HiFi News November 2017
" Textures and Layers "


VA Beethoven Reference
HiFi Records July 2020
" Entdecukeng "

SME 30-2A Premium
Edition Chrome Turntable
First Info


Primare R-15
EISA Award 2020 Prono Amp



Franko Serblin Ktema
HiFi Records March 2014
" Metaphysisch "


Krell K300i
Einsnull July/September 2019
" Powerhouse "

Esoteric SACD
New realises
Press view


Kimber Carbon 18XL
Carbon speaker cable
Packing details



YG Vantage
New Speakers
Image Set


First Watt F7
The Absolute Sound No.263
" Simply put: one of the best .. "

Fidata XS20U
Network Audio Server
Selected Images


HANA Umami Red
New MC Caryridge
Press Realise 29 July 2020



Agostino Progression Int
HiFiEinsnull July 2020
" Gesamt-kunstwerk "


Marten Oscar Trio
Home HiFi Theatre July 2020
" Highly recommended "

Kimber Select KS-6063
Copper Speaker cable


Finite Elemente Carbon HD
HiFi Statement May 2020
" This one You shouldn't miss "



Primare I35
HiFi+ No. 182
" In other words, fun! "


Falcon LS3/5a
Monitor Speakers
Detail Images

SME 20-12A Chrome
New Premium Edition Turntale
First Info


Stax SR-L300
Audiophile Style February 2020
" They're that good! "



Nagra HD Amp 2020
Mono Power Amplifiers
Image set


VA Baby Betthoven Ref.
In Black Piano finisch
Press release

Weiss 502
HiFi Advice May 2020
" What's in the recordings is You"


Jorma Ethernet Cable
New Ethernet CAT 8 Cable
First Images



Krell K-300i
HiFi News July 2019
" High End HUB "


Marten Parker Duo
New speaker
Press release

Primare NP5
HiFi Stars May 2020
" Streaming heute "


Kimber Naked
New Interconnect Cable
Data Sheet



YG Acoustics - Sonja 2.2
New Speakers
" Image Set "


Agostino Progression Int.
Stereoplay June 2020
" Gentelman - Boxer "

Esoteric E02
Fidelity No.37 June 2018
" Freiheit ohne Grenzen "


Koetsy Onix Platinum
HiFi News November 2017
" it's magical "



Franko Serblin Essence
Stereoplay June 2020
" Lebens-künstler "


Sugden IA4
Masterclass Series Int.Amp.
Image Set

Primare SC15
HiFi Stars June 2020
" Keine Kleinigkeit "


Benz Micro Ruby Z
MC Cartridge
Image Set



Pass Labs
Product list
2020 Brochure


VA Baby Beethoven Ref
HiFi Stars May 2020
Viener Moderne

Esoteric G-02X
Master Clock Generator
Image Set


WBT Plasma Protect
HiFi Stars May 2020
" Kontaktpflege bei WBT "



Marten Parker Trio
New Speaker


Agostino Progression Int.
Digital Modul
Data Sheet

SME 20/3A Chrome
Premium Edition Turntable
" First Info "


Primare R15 Phono Amp
Audio May 2020
" Sachdienlicher Auftritt "



First Watt SIT-3
Stereophile February 2019
" Bravo, Maestro! "


DeVore Orangutan O/93
Fidelity September 2017
" kräftig vom Affen beißen!."

Playback Merlot
Fidelita del Suono No/263
"Il segreto di un buono vino ...."


ArtNuvion Avalon Flow
Hybrid Absorber-Diffuser



Serblin Essence
HiFi Records January 2020
" Kontinuität "


Nagra Classic Integrated
Audio Fi November 2019
" precise and engaging."

Weiss 501
Alpha Audio 2020
"high performance mean ...."


Kimber Carbon 16
Speaker Cable



Marten Parker Quintet
New Speaker Diamond Edition


Agostino Progression New Integrated Amplifier
Product Info

Primare NP5
Einsnul June 2020
" Voles Spektrum "


MC cartridges
First Images



Krell K-300i
Audio Esoterica April 2020
" In other words, it;s a Krell "


Falcon Ref. GC-6500R
HiFi News Februar 2020
" Easy Reider "

Primare R35
LP February / March 2020
" Evolution "


SME 12A Classic Twin
New Turntable
First Images



YG Acoustics Vantage New Speaker


Pass X-350.8 & XP-30
Positive Feedback August 2016
" dream team for your listening "

Playback Stream IF
New Streamer
First Images


Jorma USB Reference
New Cables
First Images



VA Baby Beethoven Ref Stereo March 2020
Charmant, dieser Beethovene "


Sugden IA-4
Stereoplay October 2018
" eine dicke Empfehlung "

Benz Micro Ace SL
MC Low Output Cartridge
Image Set


Primare NP5
Streamer - Digital Transport
Images with cables



Agostino Progression
New Integrated Amplifier
First Images


Marten Mingus Orchestra
Marten presents speaker features

Esoteric Grandioso K01
Grandioso K01 Gold SACD/DAC
Inner Details Image Set


Finite Elemente Pagode Mk2
HiFi Statement March 2019
" sets new standards ...."



Shindo Montille 6V6
Push Pull Tube Stereo Pow Amp
Product Info


DeVore Orangutan O/93
AV September 2016
" holistic engagement ..."

Primare CD35 Prisma
CD Player with DAC / Streamer
Image Set


SME 12
Stereo September 2019
" In Best - Form "



EMT JPA-66 II 75 Gold
MM/MC Phono Amp
Data Sheet


Nagra Classic Pre Amp
Tone Audio
" Very Swiss indeed "

Playback Stream IF
New Streaming Interface
Product Brief


Baby Beethoven Reference
New Speakers
Image set - White Piano



Pass INT-25
Stereoplay February 2020
" ..besten Vollverstärker der Welt"


DeVore Fidelity
Orangutan Reference speakers
Details - Images

Weiss DSP 501/502
DSP and network remderer
More details


EAR February 2016
" I see a bright future....."



Esoteric K01XD & K03XD
New SACD Player & DAC


Marten Oscar Duo
Audio Review #415 Feb 2020
" Magic "

Primare I35
HiFi+ #170April 2019
Top100 products-of last 20years


Kimber Kable
Stereo Life February 2016
Interview with Ray Kimber



Dan D'Agostino
Progression Integated Amplifier
First Info


Playback Designs Merlot
Audio Review no. 381
" una macchina completa...."

Vienna Haydn Jubilee
HiFi+ Ociober 2019
" traditional audio at its best ...:


Primare R15
Stereoplay February 2020
"musiziert – mit samtigem Charme.."



Nagra HD Pre Amp
HiFi News - November 2018
" Magical "


Esoteric N01XD
Ultimate DAC & digital transport

Serblin - Laboratrium
Suono - October 2019
In visita a Laboratorium


Finite Elemente Cera
HiFi+ January 2019
" extracting the most amount of .."



Esoteric K01XD
New SACD Player / DAC
First Images


Zanden 3100 & 8120
HiFi Advice October 2018
" What’s more ..... "

VA Beethoven Reference
New Speakers
Image set - Details for rosewood


EMT Pure Black & Lime
MC Cartridges
Data Sheet



Primare I35/CD35 Prisma
HiFi News March 2019
"mix of poise and polish..,,"


Falcon RAM Studio 20
HiFi Choice May 2019
" The acid test? "

MC Cartridge
Image Set


Kimber Carbon 8
Carbon speaker cable
Image gallery



Shindo Cortese F2A
Stereophile January 2020
" sent shivers down my spine...."


DeVore Fidelity
Orangutan Reference speakers
Image gallery

Esoteric N01XD
New DAC and digital transport
First Images


Primare R35
MM/MC Phono stage
Small details images



Sugden Aniversary 50
HiFi+ January 2020
" Here's to the next 50 years..."


VA Haydn Jubelee
New speaker inside details
Image gallery

Thales TTT Slim II
Turntable with Easy tonearm
Image set


Audeze ISINE 10
HF Headfonics July 2020
" a bit of a steal ..."



Pass Labs XP-32
New Pre Amp
First Images


Playback Merlot & Syrax
HiFi Statement October 2019
" Was will man mehr ? "

Marten Oscar
Duo and Trio speakers
Space Image set


Stax SR 009S
HiFi+ January 2020
" king of the hill "



Nagra HD Amp
HiFi News July 2018
" a partner for a life ..."


DeVore Orangutan O/93
Fidelity de April 2017
Inside Speaker details - Images

EMT JSD Platinum
MC Cartridge
Product Info


Primare R15
MM/MC Phono stage



Agostino Progression
System - TAS January 2020
" Superior sound quality "


Nagra Tube DAC
with Classic PSU
Selected images

Fidata Audio Server
Small details images


Kimber Cable
Carbon Interconnect
Detail Images



Esoteric Grandioso P1/D1
HiFi News November 2018.
" SACD Champion "


Pass XA 160.8
160W Class A Mono Pow,Amp.
Selected images

VA Baby Beethoven Ref.
Refernve in Rosewood
Image Gallery


Koetsu Urushi Black
MC Cartridge
Product Info



Krell K-300i
Ausralia Best Buys Audio 2019
"What else could You ever need"


Weiss 502 DAC
SounStage Australia Nov.2019.
’ reference level DAC! "

Primare R35
New MM/MC Phono Stage
Image Gallery


Benz Micro Wood SL
MC Cartridge
Image set

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