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DeVore Orangutan O/96
HiFi News April 2021
" Drive of Your Life."


Shindo Montille 6V6
Stereo Power Amplifier
Image set

MC/MM Phono Stage
Product Info


Thales Simplicity II
Tone Arm



Agostino Progression INT
Australia What HiFi April 2021
"everything you need in a high.."


YG Hailey 2.2
Enjoy the Music February 2020
"It's that good"

X-Quisite CA
Moving Coil Cartridge
Data Sheet


Jorma Trinity
Power Cable
Image set



Esoteric N-05XD
Network DAC & Pre Amp.
First Images


Pass Labs INT-250
Stereoplay June 2020
" Spiel ohne Grenzen "

Marten Oscar Duo
Pursuit Perfect System Feb.2021
"smashed my expectations ..."


SME 30 Diamond Series
New Turntable
First Images



Shindo Cortese 300B
Stereo Tube Amp.
Image set


EAR Yoshino 868 P/PL
Pre Amplifier
Product Info

Weiss 501
Twittwering Machines Feb.2021
" Beauty with brains "


Thales Simplicity II
HiFi Records February 2018
" ein analoges Traumgespann "



Nagra Classic Integrated
Classic range Integrated Amp.
Image set


Marten Oscar Trio
Part Time Audiophile Feb. 2020
" You won’t be sorry. "

Esoteric N01XD
Master Sound Discrete DAC/Str.
Details Images


Stax L700Mk2 / SRM700T
Audio June 2020
" Schnur - Stax zum Top Klang "



SME Diamond Series 30
75 years Diamond anniversary


Franko Serblin Essence
Audiotehnique June 2020
" 意大利名匠 Franco Serblin "

Hana Umami Red
Audio Bearnik September 2020
" Welcome to the big leagues "


Finite Elemente PagodeMk.2
Fidelity March 2021
" Order and Composure "



Devore Orangutan O/96
Image set


EAR Yoshino 868L
Stereo Line PreAmplifier
Image Set Details

Primare R-35
HiFi+ November 2020
" I take my hat off to Primare. "


Jorma Duality & Trinity
HiFi Advice July 2019
" since the first moment I heard .."



Marten Coltrane Supreme
In gold finisch
Detail images


Pass Labs XP-32
Stereophile March 2021
" I was privileged to enjoy ...."

Esoteric K03-XD
SACD player / DAC
Image set


SME Synergy
Diamond Edition Turntable
First Images



Weiss DSP 502
HiFi Einsnull January 2021
" machtige Werkzeuge "


VA Haydn Jubilee
Jubilee Speakers
Image Set

Sugden A21SE
Ultra High Fidelity No.85
" Sugden had you in mind "


Stax SRM-D10
DAC / Electrostatic amp unit
Product Info



Esoteric Grandioso S1
Stereo Power Amp.
Image Set


Design process
Image Set

X-Quisite ST
MC Cartridge with pure silver coil
Data Sheet


Kimber PK-14 Palladian
Power Cord Summit range
Product Info



Nagra Classic Pre & Amp
Tone Audio No. 105
Publisher's Choice 2020 Award


YG Carmel 2
HiFi & Records January 2021
" Kompakte Weltklasse "

Esoteric N05
Network Streamer Player & DAC
Details Image Set


Jorma Design Cables
Let's Celebrate - 20 Years



Marten Oscar Duo
Part Time Audiphile Feb. 2021
" to another level. "


Pass Labs INT-25
Stevehuff Reviws January 2021
" The Sweetest Perfection "

Zanden 120
Phono Stage
Image Set


Hana SL
LP March 2020
" Excelent "



Serblin Essence
HiFi News January 2021
" It is magnificent. "


Primare I35 Prisma
HiFi+ January 2021
" pole position in Your system "

SME Model 6
Stereo October 2020
" Dieser „kleine Schwarze“ passt "


Kimber PK-10 Palladian
Power Cord Summit range
Product Info



Nagra Tube DAC & PSU
Tone Audio No.99
" one of world’s finest DAC's "


VA Haydn Jubilee
Jubilee Speakers

Esoteric SACD
New SACD issues February 2021
Press Info


YG Racks
Equipment stands
Image set



Marten Coltrane Supreme
In gold finish
Image set


Agostino Progression Int.
HiFi Blog June 2020
"elegance and attention to detail"

Tehnical GRAMMY Award 2021
More Info


Stax SRM-T800
HiFi+ January 2019
" Give it a go! "



YG Vantage
Awards 2020


Pass Labs XA-200
Tone Audio No.93
Publisher Award

Primare NP5
Roon Ready
Video Clip


WBT Connectors
Fidelity International No.16
" Hidden Revolution "



DeVore Fidelity O/96
SteroNet December 2020
" 天 "


Shindo Montille CV-391
Stereophile July 2019
" as much magic from this amp "

Fidata HFAS1-XS20U
HiFi+ No. 188 October 2020
" unncanly high level of ,,,"


MC cartridge
Image Set



Franko Serblin
Speakers in Production
Image Set


Pass Labs INT-25
HiFi News December 2020
" But sublime sound? "

SME Model 6 Classic
New SME Turntable


Jorma Ethernet
New cable forom Jorma Design
"Product Info



Nagra HD Pre Amp
HiFi Records April 2018
" Weltklasse "


Marten Oscar Duo
EAR September 2020
" A breakthrough in transparent "

Weiss DSP-501
DSP and Network Renderd
Image set


Hana Umami Red
Audio January 2021
" Mit Gutem Geschmack "

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